ElenQ Technology is a Research and Development company. This means we learn for you and give you the knowledge back.

We also offer training and engineering as secondary services, which means we can help you with that project that never gets finished because you must focus on more important things like clients and maintenance.

Our experience is based on Software and Electronics but we also have a background on arts, design and other fields. The fact is that we are engineers and our main talent is learning anything so don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you.

We always answer!

How does it work

We understand R&D as a three step process:


During this step we collect information and convert it into knowledge. This step is commonly associated to a state-of-the-art analysis.

It can take place in many different ways, for instance, we can work with our clients to understand exactly what they need, carry out the research in our own way or talk to experts, depending on the project's characteristics.


The knowledge adquired in the Research step is used to create a solution, product, proof of concept (PoC) or prototype.

During the design and development process, knowledge about risks, challenges and different development options is also collected.

All the design is given to the client in a way it can be audited, changed, copied and redistributed.

Knowledge transfer

All the adquired knowledge is delivered so that it's easy to absorb by the client. This includes a user guide of the developed part, a deep explanation of how and why it was made and all the knowledge obtained from the research process.

There are many ways to carry out this transfer of knowledge: documentation, courses and workshops...

That's the whole R&D process, but all projects are different. Depending on the features of the project, some steps could have more weight or less. For instance, in all-research projects there's no development step. In training projects, there's only knowledge transfer.


This is a selection of our more remarkable projects. You can also check our repository to access all of our projects, both finished or under development.

Postdata data journalism project

Postdata is a project made in collaboration with Cultumetría. It is data journalism project where we analyze the society around us in order to raise awareness about various topics. All of it released as free software.

This is a long term project were we periodically add projects and journalism articles. The first project analyses the social changes that our city, Bilbao, have been suffering during the last years.

Postdata can be visited here.

Sotapatroi Man Overboard detection system

Sotapatroi is a Man Overboard System based on Arduino and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies. It detects when a member of the tripulation falls from the boat and automatically stops the motor and calls the emergency service if necessary.

ElenQ Technology is currently working on this project, developing a new prototype based on Sotapatroi's previous work.

Artodon Mastodon art gallery

We consider Artodon an art project. It was made to show people they can build things on top of the technologies we have and, at the same time, support the great community of artists at Mastodon.

A live version of the project can be visited here.

Schiumato Static Site Generator

Schiumato is the Static Site Generator which handles this website. It simplifies the translation process thanks to its template based system. It makes use of i18n_yaml, a barebones translation library made by Ekaitz.

This project is released as free software under the terms of the MIT license.


If you like what we do but you don't have a project for us consider supporting us to help us keep changing the world.

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