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Postdata project with Cultumetría


Cultumetría and ElenQ Technology released the beginning of a long term collaboration where we make different kind of projects in the area of data analysis.

Cultumetría is a local company whose main goal is to understand the cultural, social and economical impact of cultural organizations. They are also really focused on research and that's why we decided to collaborate together. The idea is to combine their knowledge about society, culture and economical impact with our knowledge about technology in order to analyze many aspects of our near environment. All of this done, of course, in an ethical way.

Postdata is a data analysis project that tries to go further than the common conception about data analysis. We try to convert the feelings and intuitions into numbers but, at the same time, we are always open to the accept that our intuitions or feelings can be wrong.

The process starts from the simple observation of our environment: paying attention to everyday things in our lives can spark our interest on any subject.

From that point anything could happen. We search for data sources, we mix them with unstructured data found on the internet, we process the data and take some statistics from them... Anything. The idea is to be always open to new analysis and be open minded in the results and the process.

The results of the studies are presented in the website (it's only in Spanish at the moment) as a set of data journalism articles. The goal here is to use stories that anyone can relate to in order to make the data easier to understand but trying to avoid oversimplifying complex problems.

Here is a link to the website:


The website itself is a showcase of projects we decided to make by ourselves but we are also open to use this methodology and ideas in projects proposed by anyone. We are also preparing some workshops and courses that show the methodology we follow.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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