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EmpoderaLIVE event


ElenQ Technology had the chance to attend EmpoderaLive in Málaga (11-12 of September of 2017). There we met wonderful people and learned a lot from many different point of views which have the main thing in common with us: we respect the human, the people is the center of what we do.

We also had the chance to talk about what ElenQ Technology thinks about innovation, knowledge and earning money.

In order to put the video in context, Ekaitz took part in the Jam Session of the event where everyone had the chance to talk about their own ideas. One of the first people to take part in the Jam Session, talked about the problems he had to adapt his wheelchair, making clear that the industry is not interested on helping individuals to innovate and improve their situation. That's exactly the problem that ElenQ Technology aims to solve, so we had to take part and talk about our goals and principles.

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