You can reach us at

We support PGP encrypted email for private communication. This is our key.


We are located in Bilbao, Spain.
If you are interested in meeting us, please contact us first so we can arrange a place and a time to meet.

Social media

ElenQ Technology is not present at the most common social media platforms. We respect your privacy, so we'll never encourage you to use any service that threatens it.

Individually, some of us can be found on Mastodon or GNU-Social, interoperable social media platforms that are based on free software and respect human rights.

Also, some of us can be found on Twitter —even if their data and privacy policy goes against human rights— just for practical reasons, but always being aware of the implications of this decision. We won't share links to those profiles.

Please, do not feel tempted by any of us to make yourself a Twitter account. Think first.

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